What We Do

We want to give you the freedom to take back the reins of your business. If your business requires help with desktop/laptop server, software installation, and management, we can be your partner. We also offer website development, VoIP phone system setup and custom software development for a complete technological revamp.

Tech Support

Say goodbye to technology frustrations. Micro System Solutions Support will keep your systems up and running smoothly with our around-the-clock service and maintenance. We provide Microsoft Windows Network Setup and Support, visualization solutions using Hyper-V & VMWare, desktop and laptop repairs for windows and apple computers, along with virus removal. Making your business more efficient and your employees more productive for what really needs to be done.

Custom Programming

We build custom business applications using cutting-edge technologies to make business operations more efficient. With 20 years of experience in custom application development, we can build one using Microsoft Access, to your heart’s content.

VoIP Services

Our solid communication platforms and reliable internet services provide the backbone for business productivity of all sizes. Make calls directly from your computer to ring desktops and mobile phones. You can even access voicemails from mobile phones from any location. Send and receive your faxes via the internet. Don’t worry, you can always remove and add lines as needed. Empower your workforce to get their work done on their own terms—faster and more efficiently.

Web Design

Leverage our expertise to custom tailor a website to achieve your business goals. The success of your website depends on the presentation of your products and services. With our highly responsive web applications, we want our partners to delight their customers. Let us help disrupt your industry to create a lasting impression of your business.